Climate Wall: the Green Noise Barrier by RAU

Noise protection for today, tomorrow and the future

RAU’s climate wall is the first noise protection wall designed, manufactured and installed strictly in accordance to the rules of sustainability and with the aim of absolutely reducing CO₂ emissions. At the same time, people living in the place of immission enjoy first-class sound insulation and absorption and benefit from the plantability of the noise barrier. The climate wall impresses with its optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Our climate wall is a trapezoidal noise barrier, which is built modularly and right on location. On the one hand, this shape allows a height of up to 12 meters even with minimal construction widths. On the other hand, no deep foundation is necessary, which means that the climate wall can be used in many places. With a sound insulation value of 68 decibels (dB) and a sound absorption of 20 dB, the RAU climatewall fulfills even high sound insulation requirements, for example on roads and railways.

Climate wall RAU noise barrier structure
Climate wall RAU noise protection barrier, construction phase 1
Climate wall RAU noise protection barrier, construction phase 2
Climate wall RAU noise protection barrier, construction phase 3
Binds 100% of its own production emission of CO₂
Contains static elements that last at least 60-80 years
Consists of 98% on-site excavation soil
Significantly less expensive than conventional noise barriers

The climate wall consists of 98 percent excavated soil from the excavation on site. In addition, some of the static elements used in construction last between 60 and 80 years, and in some cases even longer. During this time, the climate wall absorbs 100 percent of its own CO₂ production emission. Thus, the RAU climate wall is not only an excellent solution for noise protection, but also makes a significant contribution to a sustainable relationship with nature.

Informations all around the green noise protection barrier:

How does our noise protection barrier become sustainable?

The RAU climate wall is a so-called green noise barrier. This does not only mean that the noise barrier can be planted without any problems, it also refers to various aspects of sustainability. KlimAktiv, as a partner for active climate action, created the carbon footprint for our climate wall as part of a study. The outcome:

Climate Handprint
In addition to planting greenery and minimizing the use of resources, the company keeps its interference with nature as low as possible. Furthermore, the climate-neutral noise protection wall systems can be easily deconstructed (KlimAktiv, 2020).

How the RAU climate wall supports species protection.

RAU’s product diversity is characterized by the fact that all our noise barriers are sustainable, ecological and resource-friendly. However, the climate wall takes a very special position even here. This is because, in addition to first-class noise protection, it also demonstrably contributes to the protection of species.
The company LACON Landscapeconsult has collected relevant data on this subject and confirms in its expert report that the climate wall represents a recognizable species protection measure. Thus, it also has a positive effect on any species protection reports that may have to be made. Thanks to the modular design of the climate wall, nesting aids can be integrated into the structure. This provides a habitat for various species of birds, bats and insects that they might otherwise lose through extensive human dispersal. RAU’s noise protection wall Alpin also fulfills these conditions for the protection of species.

Airborne sound insulation value of 68dB
Without complex deep foundations
20dB sound absorption
Construction height up to 12m
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