Noise barriers: effectively protect every place of immission from noise

Noise follows a large part of the population every day. In many places, a wide range of noise sources create a burden that can have a long-term impact on well-being and health. Noise protection is therefore more important than ever. Fortunately, there are various options that can help.

Sound barriers are one of the most effective methods of sound insulation. Professionally installed, they noticeably reduce the decibel value (dB) in residential and industrial areas, in cities or the countryside. Especially in areas directly bordering on motorways, rail networks or airports, noise barriers have become indispensable.

What are noise barriers? How does sound insulation work?

Vibrations in the air cause the so-called sound pressure level, which is measured in dB. If it is very high, we speak of noise. Sound barriers are structures made of different materials that prevent such loud noises. The sound is reflected by the noise barriers, which significantly reduces the dB. This is why noise barriers are used wherever it would otherwise be impossible to comply with the immission limit. This insulation thus actively contributes to a lower impact on people and the environment.

Who needs a wall for sound insulation?

Sound insulation is used in a wide variety of places. In general, a distinction is made between noise protection remediation and noise protection precaution.

  • Noise protection remediation: Existing buildings and structures are remediated to provide better sound insulation.
  • Noise protection precaution: Possible exposure to various noise sources is to be avoided from the outset.

A noise barrier is included in the second type of sound insulation. They are used privately, but also at the municipal and city level. For example, if you want to separate a private property from a nearby industrial area in the long term, you can have a sound barrier built. This way, all residents can enjoy undisturbed peace and quiet, while the industrial estate can continue to grow.

When planning new infrastructure, it is also advisable to include the construction of noise barriers. Whether road or rail network: this way you ensure that your project can be carried out without interruptions. Especially in large cities, noise protection by RAU is therefore very popular.

Why you should choose a soundproofing wall by RAU

Sound insulation by RAU stands for highest quality made in Germany. If you decide on sound insulation with our walls, you also decide on an improved quality of life. Our products offer you the following properties:

  • Highly absorbent: The sound level is demonstrably reduced by RAU sound insulation.
  • Fine dust reducing: Fine dust and other pollutants are bound; the pollution level decreases.
  • Visually appealing: Our noise barriers blend pleasantly into the residential area.
  • Adapted to your needs: At RAU, you get sound insulation made to measure.
  • Low maintenance: After professional installation, noise barriers hardly require any maintenance on your part.
  • Best value for money: The costs of our noise barriers are always comprehensible. Together, we will find the ideal package for your budget.
  • Ecological: All RAU products are sustainable and climate friendly.

Large product selection: You will find what you are looking for at RAU Noise Protection.

As an expert in the field of noise protection, you will find a wide range of products made of various high-quality materials. For every area and every need, the right noise barrier is available in the RAU range. On site, we adapt the soundproof walls to the respective conditions. Choose between:

Climate-neutral noise protectionRobust noise protectionEffective noise protectionDurable noise protectionSafe noise protection
Green 🍃
noise barrier
Wooden 🪵
noise barrier
Glass 🧊
noise barrier
Aluminium 🛤
noise barrier
Concrete 🪨
noise barrier
✔ Cost effective✔ Stable and robust✔ Light permeability✔ Noise protection cassette made of aluminium✔ High airborne sound insulation
✔ Environmentally friendly✔ Contemporary design✔ High weather resistance and durability✔ Narrow and space-saving✔ Robust, durable and resistant
✔ Highly effective sound insulation✔ Natural and pleasant colouring ✔ Stable and break-resistant aminated safety glass or PMMA✔ Highly absorbent and reflective✔ Low maintenance requirements
✔ Creates habitats for insects and plants ✔ Sustainable raw material✔ Airborne sound insulation of the highest degree✔ Large construction heights and colour variants possible✔ Can be combined with other noise protection systems
✔ Climate-neutral production and installation✔ Harmonizes with green spaces✔ Can be combined with other noise protection systems✔ Durable✔ Modern look
✔ Durable and visually appealing✔ Long-lasting✔ Ideal in residential areas or between houses✔ Greenable✔ Certified construction method is one of the leading noise barrier manufacturers in Germany. If you value quality, flexibility, and sustainability, we are the perfect partner for your noise protection. In addition to our numerous sustainable products, we also offer nationwide consulting, planning, and execution. Thanks to our many years of experience and versatile competence, we are ideally equipped to support you when it comes to soundproof walls and noise protection.

Do you have any questions, suggestions or requests? Contact us now. You can reach us at +49 (0)30 397 488 64, via our e-mail address or alternatively via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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