Noise barrier technology

As a manufacturer of noise barriers, we are always one step ahead in terms of quality, flexibility and price. Noise barriers “Made in Germany”

The structure: the core of our ecological noise barriers

The heart of every sound-insulating noise barrier from RAU is a metal lattice construction, whose lattice mats and support profiles are solid and piece-galvanized. This makes them extremely corrosion-resistant and durable.

We line this metal grid construction with our geotextile RAU UV-protect. It consists of rot-proof fiber fleece with stitched-on coconut fiber and is UV-resistant. The geotextile has a service life of 60 years and is specially manufactured for RAU noise barriers.

We then backfill the construction with earth substrate. Here, sustainable action and cooperation with local partners is important to us: We obtain the necessary soil or bulk materials from local suppliers of mineral raw materials. In this way, we guarantee short transport routes. In some cases, we can use excavated material from local road construction, so that valuable soil can be put to further use.

It’s so green: the right planting

Thanks to our many years of experience in gardening and landscaping, we can provide our customers with the best possible advice on selecting the right plants for their noise barriers. Our aim is to use plants specifically as a design element.

Because of that we always use species that are native to the respective region. The selection depends on the location of the noise barrier with regard to light conditions and soil quality but of course also on the personal taste of our customers.

Tested and certified

Of course, RAU noise barriers fulfill all static requirements. Our noise barriers hold a European patent, are CE-certified and comply with DIN EN 1793-2 and DIN EN 20354.

Highest sound insulation

For the classification of a noise barrier in group B3 with the highest sound insulation according to DIN EN 1793-2, the ZTV-Lsw 06 (Additional Technical Contract Conditions and Guidelines for the Execution of Noise Barriers on Roads) require a single number value of at least DLR>24dB for the sound insulation.

RAU noise barriers reliably meet this requirement with a calculated single-number value for airborne sound insulation of DLR=68 dB.

This calculation is based on a minimum area-related mass of the wall of approx. 560 kg/m2 for RAU R1 or RAU Climatewall. This results from a volume density of 1,400 kg/m3 when the earth substrate is dry and a minimum density of the RAU noise barriers of 40 cm. The following applies to RAU Rock: It has a different structure than RAU R1 and RAU R3, but it also meets the required values for classification in group B3 with the highest sound absorption.

Highest sound absorption

With regard to sound absorption, RAU noise barrier systems with a determined single number value for sound absorption of DLa= 20 dB meet the requirements of group A 4 with the classification “highly absorbent” according to DIN EN 20354. This is the group with the highest sound absorption.


Sound insulation

Table of calculated frequency-dependent sound insulation values Ri for a noise barrier of the RAU noise barrier system with a weight per unit area of 560 kg/m2

f [Hz] Ri
100 49,7
125 51,6
160 53,8
200 55,7
250 57,6
315 59,6
400 61,7
500 63,7
630 65,7
800 67,7
1000 69,7
1250 71,6
1600 73,8
2000 74,7
2500 75,6
3150 76,3
4000 77,1
5000 77,8

Sound absorption

Table of sound absorption coefficients αSi determined according to DIN EN 20354 for a noise barrier wall of the RAU noise barrier wall system according to test report 97097 /1/.

f [Hz] αSi
100 1,19
125 0,87
160 0,94
200 0,98
250 0,87
315 1,06
400 1,08
500 0,92
630 0,94
800 1,02
1000 1,12
1250 1,10
1600 0,98
2000 1,05
2500 0,89
3150 0,94
4000 1,02
5000 1,07
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