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With noise protection products from RAU, constant noise pollution is a thing of the past. Our noise barriers stand for innovation and sustainability and offer optimal insulation. The wide range of RAU products offers the right solution for the most diverse areas and requirements.

Get to know the variety of RAU noise protection products

Regardless of whether you want to separate residential neighborhoods or natural areas from roads or rail traffic: You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in RAU’s product variety. In their lifetime RAU greened products provide better air quality in the surrounding area, compared to conventional noise barriers. Our noise barriers are easy to maintain, highly absorbent and greenable. A sustainable positive decision for people and nature. During their service life, the greened RAU products ensure better air quality in the surrounding area.

Climate Wall: the Green Noise Barrier by RAU

If you decide on this green noise protection product from RAU, you will receive an optimal cost-benefit ratio. The trapezoidal noise barrier climate wall (R3) consists of elements that can be plugged together and can be installed both quickly and without costly foundations. It can be mounted on any ground that is capable of being filled. Deviations from the standard profile are also no problem, which means that the climate wall can be used even in the smallest of spaces. Since the R3 noise barrier can be planted and consists of 98 percent residual or recycled soil, it binds hundred percent of its own production emissions of CO2.
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Climate wall RAU noise barrier structure

RAU Rock Extensive noise barrier – height up to 10 metres

With a minimum construction width of only 13 centimeters, the RAU noise protection product Rock Extensiv has a minimum space requirement. Pre-assembled elements are embedded in steel beams on site. The noise barrier consists of an enormously stable, horizontally running steel cage. It can not only be planted with greenery, but is also versatile. A combination with other RAU products is also possible without any problems.
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RAU Alpine – height up to 12 meters

The RAU System Alpin consists of a natural stone basket filled with a monolithic sand core. Fastened to concrete bases and equipped with a base layer of recycled material, this noise barrier is extremely stable at a construction height of up to 12 meters. In terms of natural stones, you can choose, for example, granite, crushed stone or lava stones. These blend in with the surroundings and can also be planted with greenery.
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Noise barrier RAU Alpine, natural stone basket with monolithic sand core

RAU Photovoltaik: Photovoltaic Noise Barrier by

This RAU product is an innovative combination of noise protection and sustainable energy generation. This noise barrier is the first solar noise barrier solution in Germany. The basic framework for this pioneer is the R3 climate wall. In this variant, the noise barrier is extra wide and sloped, and the photovoltaic module is mounted on the slope.
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Noise barrier RAU Photovoltaic, with solar panels, design drawing
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