Photovoltaic noise protection – efficient and ecological

At RAU, we believe that noise protection is essential to our daily lives, as loud noises and noise pollution have a negative impact on our health. It is best if noise protection serves several purposes at once.

RAU has developed an innovation in the field of noise protection: Photovoltaic Noise Protection! This product combines noise protection, ecology and economy as the noise barrier not only keeps out sound and cleans the air with vegetation, but also generates electricity. With the combination of noise barrier and photovoltaics, RAU is an absolute pioneer in Germany.

Technical noise protection in green

With most noise barriers, it is obvious at first glance that it is a sound wall. The walls usually do not change the character of their surroundings in a positive sense. In fact, they often detract from the overall appearance of their location, take up a lot of space and do not blend harmoniously into their surroundings.

RAU has recognised this problem and has specialised in noise barriers that protect against high noise levels and at the same time blend into the overall picture of their surroundings: green noise barriers . With these sound walls, RAU has designed an efficient and ecological solution that brings a piece of nature back into the city and along motorways. The planted noise barriers actively reduce CO2 and fine dust, improve the climate, and form a habitat for insects.

The RAU photovoltaic noise barrier revolutionises both the noise protection and photovoltaic markets by effectively reducing noise, creating green spaces, and generating electricity in a climate-friendly way.

Generating electricity through solar energy

The solar panels of the photovoltaic system capture solar energy, which is converted into electrical energy and can then be used as electricity. The larger the area of the solar panels, the more energy can be generated.

Noise barriers provide a lot of space that is hardly used and are therefore perfect for installing a photovoltaic system. A decisive advantage of a photovoltaic system is that no resources are wasted in the generation of energy. Since the sun is freely available to everyone, this type of electricity generation is ecological and sustainable.

Noise barrier meets renewable energy: the innovation project

Noise barriers offer an exposed position with many linear metres of unused space that is perfectly suited for the construction of photovoltaic systems. RAU has recognised this potential and developed the solar noise barrier. This is intended to make an important contribution to the exit from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy and ecological energy supply. The solar panels of the system are installed on the extra-wide and slanted noise barrier. The ecologically generated electricity can supply many households and save several tonnes of CO2.

The green noise barrier with photovoltaics is the first noise protection solution in Germany that combines important ecological components: Noise protection, electricity generation, and exhaust fumes protection. The result is a maximum positive effect for the environment. Noise is dampened and electricity is generated ecologically. Green spaces and habitats for insects are created. In addition, the wall protects against fine dust and exhaust fumes. photovoltaics noise protection: Generate electricity – insulate noise

The basic construction of the photovoltaic noise barrier is based on the RAU climate wall . The photovoltaic solar noise barrier can be adapted to any location. The construction of our ecological noise barrier works like that of our green noise barriers: The basic structure, which can have a height of up to ten metres, is filled with sand. On top of this, a gravel layer is filled. Finally, the solar panels are attached to the extra-wide sloping wall. Depending on how much electricity is to be generated, up to three rows of panels can be placed next to each other.

Generating electricity is now very simple: as soon as sun shines on the panels, the energy is converted into electricity and can be used immediately. More energy can be generated by direct sunlight, but solar energy is also stored in diffuse light and on cloudy days.

Green noise barriers – the right product for every requirement

Depending on the requirements, we offer various green noise protection products for our customers. These differ in height and width and are based on the space available. The RAU Rock Extensive is very slim and excellently suited for minimal space requirements. It can be combined very well with other RAU noise barriers and is versatile. The RAU R1 Extensiv is suitable for construction widths from 40 centimetres. With this noise barrier, an additional vegetation level can be easily installed – also a wonderful solution for limited space.

The principle of noise barriers is basically the same: first a base frame is built, then the cavity is filled with insulating material. Greenery can climb up the outer walls and cover the entire noise barrier.

In contrast to conventional concrete or wooden walls, the green noise barriers are not bleak and bare protective walls, but vertical green spaces that improve the overall appearance of the surroundings and support the environment at the same time. In addition to the ecological aspect, our green noise barriers are highly effective because they insulate loud noises just as well as walls made of concrete, glass or wood.

Climate-neutral noise protectionRobust noise protectionEffective noise protectionDurable noise protectionSafe noise protection
Green 🍃
noise barrier
Wooden 🪵
noise barrier
Glass 🧊
noise barrier
Aluminium 🛤
noise barrier
Concrete 🪨
noise barrier
✔ Cost effective✔ Stable and robust✔ Light permeability✔ Noise protection cassette made of aluminium✔ High airborne sound insulation
✔ Environmentally friendly✔ Contemporary design✔ High weather resistance and durability✔ Narrow and space-saving✔ Robust, durable and resistant
✔ Highly effective sound insulation✔ Natural and pleasant colouring ✔ Stable and break-resistant aminated safety glass or PMMA✔ Highly absorbent and reflective✔ Low maintenance requirements
✔ Creates habitats for insects and plants ✔ Sustainable raw material✔ Airborne sound insulation of the highest degree✔ Large construction heights and colour variants possible✔ Can be combined with other noise protection systems
✔ Climate-neutral production and installation✔ Harmonizes with green spaces✔ Can be combined with other noise protection systems✔ Durable✔ Modern look
✔ Durable and visually appealing✔ Long-lasting✔ Ideal in residential areas or between houses✔ Greenable✔ Certified construction method

Technical noise protection: ecological and sustainable

When building our green noise barriers, we take care to act sustainably. For example, we use materials from local suppliers for our filling to keep transport distances as low as possible. Whenever possible, we use filling material from local excavation to keep the CO2 emissions for transport low. In addition, when greening our walls, we make sure that we only use plants that are native to the respective region. This way, the noise barrier blends in even better with the existing image of the surroundings and the living conditions for the plants are ideal.

At RAU, we focus on an ecological overall concept, because green noise protection is our passion!

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