Dimensions and sectional drawings

The dimensions for your RAU noise barrier depend on a variety of different factors. Depending on local and static conditions, the crown and foot width of your wall may vary. Generally speaking, if the noise barrier is raised by 50 cm, the base width will be 10 cm wider. The crown width is a standard 60 cm, but in some cases, this can be increased to 80 cm. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on the right dimensions for your noise barrier.

What factors influence the dimensions of your noise barrier?

Every noise barrier is individually adapted to the surrounding environmental conditions and built according to the client’s wishes. There are influencing factors that affect the dimensions of the noise barrier. These include:

The model you have chosen
Climate and weather conditions such as wind and earthquake zones
Local and static conditions

Your RAU product choice

The RAU climate wall (R3) can be built in construction heights of up to 12 metres and offers the best cost-benefit ratio in addition to its climate-friendly construction and greening option. Our RAU Rock Extensive Noise Barrier, on the other hand, convinces with its slim dimensions, ideal for minimal space requirements. The RAU Photovoltaic combines renewable energy and ecological noise protection and convinces with its high construction height. You can find out about all other product alternatives under our product tab in the menu. Our team will of course assist you with your decision.

The dimensions of your noise barrier: Your advantages with RAU

Since each noise barrier is individually planned, produced, and built, the dimensions also vary. We will be happy to advise you on general questions or plan your specific and individually adapted noise barrier with you. Please use our contact form for your enquiry or call us +49 (0)30 397 488 64. We look forward to your enquiry!

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