Green Noise Barriers

Green noise protection wall along the road
Green noise protection wall along the road in Lüdinghausen, Germany

Why choose green noise barriers by RAU for roads and motorways?

Various structural measures such as low-noise asphalt or noise barriers can sustainably reduce noise pollution in core areas. Green noise barriers in particular offer special advantages due to their characteristics: they are sustainable and ecological, because they provide undisturbed retreats and nesting opportunities for local fauna.

Every noise barrier construction has individual requirements in terms of subsoil, road layout and available space. With a flexible system and a lot of experience, we can react perfectly to all such conditions and adapt our noise protection projects. Our building materials also offer many benefits for you, such as:

  • Modular construction elements for the implementation of projects of any size in a short construction period
  • Ecological construction with a focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness
  • Robust construction with durable materials
  • Various models that can be optimally adapted to the conditions on site
  • Customised vegetation according to your wishes
  • Guaranteed high quality of all materials used

For your project, our engineers take a very close look at everything: space, location, wall progression and wall height. We can help you with tenders, plans, and noise protection reports. No matter which environmental sound barrier you choose: We support you with experience, know-how and a smooth construction.

Green noise barriers by the roadside: ecological, sustainable, and low maintenance

Green noise barriers have a variety of benefits: They are not only ecological and sustainable, but also blend harmoniously into the overall landscape. Whereas concrete walls appear bare and unattractive, green noise walls alongside roads are natural-looking elements that reduce noise and sound while being discreetly integrated into their surroundings.

Residential areas and green spaces located along national roads or motorways are usually exposed to high noise levels. Surveys by the Federal Environment Agency show that many citizens feel disturbed and affected by the constant noise pollution caused by engine and driving noises. Noise barriers on motorways and major roads are therefore an important means of improving the quality of life for residents, but also for animals.

Green noise protection wall along the road, Frankfurt / Germany
Green noise protection wall in Bremen, Germany
Photovoltaic noise protection wall in Biessenhofen, Germany
Green noise protection barrier
Green noise protection wall in residential area, Eppertshausen / Germany

What options do you have for building green noise barriers along roads?

Thanks to the large selection of noise barriers for roads and motorways in different widths, sizes and with specific functions, we at RAU can offer you a customised construction for your needs and the requirements of the surroundings.

The all-rounder: The RAU Climate Wall – simple, quick to install, and stable

The RAU Climate Wall (R3) can be up to twelve metres high and are raised quickly and easily. These stable, trapezoidal noise barriers for roads, motorways and railway lines consist of a solid steel cage made up of a support profile, vertical rods, and outer mats. Thanks to its modular construction system, the steel cage of the RAU climate wall can be easily plugged together during assembly. The outer sides of the green noise barrier are equipped with a grid on which climbing plants can grow. The climate wall can be filled with all materials that can be poured and compacted, such as sand, gravel or RC building materials.

The substructure consists of a simple clean layer of gravel. Construction is no problem even on curvy roads, on uneven subsoil or with a difference in elevation. Depending on how much space is available, the noise protection against road noise can be built wider or narrower without much additional effort (crown width between 60 and 80 cm).

This noise protection on roads and motorways is highly absorbent, so that residential areas or green spaces behind it are left in pleasant peace. Here, both the individual requirements of the surroundings as well as a seamless integration into the environment are taken into account by our architects.

The advantages of the RAU climate wall (R3) at a glance:

  • Offers the highest sound insulation values in the range 55 dB to 68 dB
  • Best sound insulation against road noise due to a mass of at least 800 kg/m²
  • Enormously long service life, proven for all components
  • Best price-performance ratio on the market
  • Sustainable yet inexpensive
Green noise protection barrier by RAU
Green noise protection barrier along a railway in Gräfelfing, Germany
Green noise protection barrier by RAU in Pinneberg, Germany
Photovoltaic noise protection barrier by RAU
Green noise protection barrier by RAU in residential area in Meckatz, Germany

What are green noise barriers?

RAU green noise barriers for highways combine environmentally conscious construction, technical expertise, and attractive design. Our architects use various base products to design noise barriers for every requirement – always sustainable and green.

Strong noise is mainly generated in the form of traffic noise along main arterial roads such as highways, railroad lines, and rural roads. These often lead directly past residential area or green spaces deserving protection. With modern and ecological noise barriers by RAU, effective noise and sound protection matching its surroundings can be installed and it achieves more than just a visually pleasing effect thanks to the plant cover.

All noise protection systems by RAU are 100 % ecological and have a fine dust-reducing and highly noise-absorbing effect thanks to the plant cover – on both sides. Hardly any effort is required for the care and maintenance of the green noise barriers for roads and motorways. All noise protection systems are modular, cost-effective, sustainable and can be easily combined. UV-resistant materials moreover ensure high corrosion resistance.

Green noise protection barrier by RAU along residential area
Green noise protection barrier by RAU along railway
Green noise protection barrier by RAU in Eppertshausen, Germany
Green noise protection barrier by RAU

Naturally made of stone: the RAU Alpine noise wall for efficient noise protection

Like the RAU climate wall, the RAU Alpine noise barrier for motorways and roads also has a steel cage on the inside. Placed on concrete bases and with a supporting layer of recycled material, this ensures a secure stand and a solid framework with a height of up to twelve metres. The monolithic sand core, with which the inner steel frame is filled, ensures optimal sound insulation.

A steel cage is placed around the supporting framework for these environmental noise barriers, which can be filled with stones of your choosing: granite, gravel or lava stones are available. The choice of stones can be coordinated with the colour of the surroundings so that the sound barrier harmoniously complements its environment. To add to the natural stone design, climbing plants can grow up the grid.

The stable structure and solid sand core of the Alpine noise barrier ensure optimal noise reduction on the other side. Here, too, our architects adapt the plans for the noise barrier to the conditions on site.

The advantages of the RAU Alpine noise barrier at a glance:

  • Highest sound insulation values are achieved
  • Can easily be planted with greenery
  • Natural look of the stone gabion
  • Monolithic, completely jointless sand core
  • Can be easily combined with other RAU noise barriers for motorways and roads

Fast, narrow, green: the RAU Rock Extensive Noise Barrier

Practical and erected in no time at all, the RAU Rock Extensive Noise Barrier can be installed along busy roads and other noise sources to keep engine and other such pollution away from residential areas. Where houses are located almost directly on major roads, there is usually no room for a noise barrier. That is why we offer this pragmatic and environmental sound barrier system with a minimum width of just 130 millimetres. The individual elements can be brought to the site pre-assembled and can then be erected with little effort thanks to a plug-in system. Only the base with its deep foundation needs to be prepared in advance.

From the outside, the surface of RAU Rock can hardly be distinguished from wider noise walls. As with the other noise barriers from our portfolio, climbing plants can grow along the outer grid and give the surface of the structure a lush green.

For optimal noise protection, our architects check in advance whether a combination with other noise barrier systems makes sense.

Innovation in noise protection: the RAU photovoltaic noise barrier for double the advantage

As a company that is always interested in being one step ahead in terms of ecology and economy, we are breaking new ground for noise protection on roads. It becomes doubly ecological when green noise protection and renewable energies are brought together – and that is what the RAU photovoltaic noise barrier achieves.

Together with our partners from the solar industry, we were able to implement a revolutionary idea: Why not use the surfaces of noise barriers to generate electricity? This is how the first green noise barrier with photovoltaic technology in the world was created in Bavaria – built by RAU. For over 10 years this product has been producing electricity and oxygen while simultaneously binding fine dust and CO2.

The basic structure is based on the proven construction method of the RAU climate wall (R3), modified with mountings for the photovoltaic panels.

Be smart and build with RAU

Today, a noise barrier clearly has more tasks than just keeping out sound. Noise protection must be considered in all construction projects today – from residential buildings to roads. Noise walls on motorways or highly frequented roads cut through the landscape, limit the field of vision and create barricades. Green noise barriers are designed to combine the benefits of a noise wall with a natural look. In this way, we achieve pleasant tranquillity in an ambience surrounded by plants –and that 100 % ecologically.

You can rely on our expertise and experience with green noise barriers on motorways throughout Germany. We consult you, plan the project and ensure efficient implementation according to your ideas.

Climate-neutral noise protectionRobust noise protectionEffective noise protectionDurable noise protectionSafe noise protection
Green 🍃
noise barrier
Wooden 🪵
noise barrier
Glass 🧊
noise barrier
Aluminium 🛤
noise barrier
Concrete 🪨
noise barrier
✔ Cost effective✔ Stable and robust✔ Light permeability✔ Noise protection cassette made of aluminium✔ High airborne sound insulation
✔ Environmentally friendly✔ Contemporary design✔ High weather resistance and durability✔ Narrow and space-saving✔ Robust, durable and resistant
✔ Highly effective sound insulation✔ Natural and pleasant colouring ✔ Stable and break-resistant aminated safety glass or PMMA✔ Highly absorbent and reflective✔ Low maintenance requirements
✔ Creates habitats for insects and plants ✔ Sustainable raw material✔ Airborne sound insulation of the highest degree✔ Large construction heights and colour variants possible✔ Can be combined with other noise protection systems
✔ Climate-neutral production and installation✔ Harmonizes with green spaces✔ Can be combined with other noise protection systems✔ Durable✔ Modern look
✔ Durable and visually appealing✔ Long-lasting✔ Ideal in residential areas or between houses✔ Greenable✔ Certified construction method
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