Like the RAU R3 Extensiv noise barrier, the RAU Alpin noise protection barrier for motorways and roads has a steel basket in its interior. On a concrete base with a base course of recycled material, this ensures a secure footing and a solid framework up to 12 metres in height. The monolithic sand core with which the inner steel frame is filled ensures optimum sound installation.

With these noise barriers for motorways, a steel basket that can be filled with stone as required is placed around the support frame: Granite, gravel or lava stones are available for you to choose from. In the process, the selection of the stone can be matched to the colour of the surroundings so that the noise barrier is harmoniously integrated into its environment. As a complement to the natural stone design, climbing plants can grow up the mesh.

The sturdy construction and solid sand core of the Alpin noise protection barrier ensure the optimum noise reduction on the other side. Here, too, our architects match the plans for the protective wall to the local circumstances.

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