Noise protection at the roadside

Green noise protection at the roadside: ecological, sustainable and low-maintenance

Landscaped noise protection barriers provide multiple benefits: They are not only environmentally-friendly and sustainable, but also blend harmoniously into the overall scenic view. Whereas concrete walls seem bare and unattractive, roadside landscaped noise protection walls show themselves to be natural effective elements that shield against noise and sound and, in doing so, integrate themselves unobtrusively into the surroundings.

Residential and natural areas lying next to main roads or motorways are, in most cases, exposed to high levels of noise. Surveys carried out by the German Federal Environment Agency show that many citizens feel themselves disturbed and adversely affected by the constant noise pollution from engine and driving noise. Noise protection walls on motorways and main roads are, therefore, an important means of improving the quality of life, not only of the residents but also of the affected wildlife.

Why construct sound barriers from RAU on roads and motorways?

Through various constructional measures such as silent asphalt or noise protection walls, the disturbance at focal points can be sustainably reduced. Due to their properties, green noise protection walls in particular bring special benefits: They are sustainable and environmentally friendly as they provide undisturbed habitats for the local fauna and nesting sites.

Every noise protection structure must cover the individual demands regarding the supporting surface, road layout and the available space. With a flexible system and a great deal of experience, we can respond perfectly to all circumstances and adapt our noise protection projects. Our building materials, likewise, provide you with many benefits:

>Modular structural components for the implementation of projects of all sizes in a short construction time

>Ecological design with the focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness

>Robust design with long-lasting materials

>Various models that optimally adapt to the on-site conditions

>Customized greening in accordance with your wishes

>Guaranteed quality of all the materials used

Our engineers very carefully take everything into account for your project: Space, location, wall course and wall height. We will help you further where invitations to tender, plans and noise protection expert assessments are concerned. No matter which noise protection system you choose: We will be at your side with experience, know-how and the smooth execution of the construction work.

What are green noise protection walls on roads and motorways?

Green RAU noise protection barriers for motorways combine environmentally conscious construction, technical know-how and attractive design. From basic products, our architects design noise protection walls for every requirement – always sustainable and greened.

Above all, loud noise arises in the form of traffic noise along main traffic arteries such as motorways, railway lines and main roads. Often, they run directly past residential areas or natural habits worthy of protection. With the modern and environmentally friendly noise protection walls from RAU, effective noise and sound protection that blends into the surroundings and achieves more than just visual effects through the planting can be built.

All noise barrier systems from RAU are 100 % environmentally friendly and, through the planting, have a fine particulate and high noise absorption effect – and on both sides. Hardly any effort is required for the care and maintenance of the greened noise protection walls for motorways. All sound protection systems can be built modularly, cost-effectively and sustainable and can be easily combined. UV-safe materials ensure high corrosion resistance.

What possibilities do you have for the building of greened noise protection on roads?

Thanks to the wide selection of noise protection walls for roads and motorways in different widths, sizes and with different functions, we at RAU offer you a customized arrangement for your needs and the requirements on the surroundings.

The all-rounder: The Climate Wall noise protection barrier – simply and quickly installed and stable

The up to 12 metres high RAU climate wall can be simply and quickly raised. These stable, trapezoidal, tapered sound protection barriers for roads and motorways and railway lines are constructed as a massive steel basket consisting of a support profile, vertical rods and exterior matting. Due to its modular assembly system, the steel baskets of the climate wall noise barrier can be quite simply interlocked during construction. The outer sides of the noise protection wall are covered with a mesh on which climbing plants can grow. The climate wall noise barrier can be filled with all types of free-flowing and compactable materials such as sand, gravel or recycled building materials.

The foundation consists of a simple gravel base course. Construction is not a problem, even on winding roads, on elevations or on an uneven substrate. Depending on how much space is available, the sound barrier against street noise can be built wider or narrower without large additional expense (crown width between 60 and 80 cm).

This noise protection on roads and motorways is highly absorbent so that residential or natural areas lie behind it in pleasant tranquillity. Here, our architects consider equally the individual requirements of the surroundings and the integration of the noise protection barrier into the environment.

All the benefits of the Climate Wall at a glance:

>Provides the highest sound insulation values in the range of 55 dB to 68 dB

>Best sound insulation against traffic noise due to a mass of at least 800 kg/m2

>Extremely long service life, proven for all components

>Best price-performance relationship on the market

>Sustainable and yet affordable

Natural in stone: The RAU Alpin noise barrier for efficient sound protection walls

Like the RAU climate wall, the RAU Alpin noise protection barrier for motorways and roads has a steel basket in its interior. On a concrete base with a base course of recycled material, this ensures a secure footing and a solid framework up to 12 metres in height. The monolithic sand core with which the inner steel frame is filled ensures optimum sound installation.

With these noise barriers for motorways, a steel basket that can be filled with stone as required is placed around the support frame: Granite, gravel or lava stones are available for you to choose from. In the process, the selection of the stone can be matched to the colour of the surroundings so that the noise barrier is harmoniously integrated into its environment. As a complement to the natural stone design, climbing plants can grow up the mesh.

The sturdy construction and solid sand core of the Alpin noise protection barrier ensure the optimum noise reduction on the other side. Here, too, our architects match the plans for the protective wall to the local circumstances.

All the benefits of the RAU Alpin noise barrier at a glance:

>The highest sound insulation values are achieved

>Easily greenable

>Natural appearance of a natural stone gabion

>Monolithic, completely seamless sand core

>Combinable problem-free with other RAU noise barriers for motorways and roads

Quick, slim, green: The RAU Rock Extensiv noise barrier

On busy roads and other sources of noise, the RAU Rock Extensiv noise protection barrier is practical and erected in no time at all in order to keep away engine and other noise from residential areas. Where houses stand almost directly at the side of major roads, as a rule, there is no space for a noise protection barrier. Therefore, we offer you this practical and environmentally friendly noise barrier system with a minimal width of just 130 millimetres. The individual elements can be brought to the point of use pre-assembled and be erected with little effort by means of a push-fit system. Only the base element with a deep foundation needs to be prepared in advance.

From the outside the RAU Rock is hardly distinguishable from wider partition walls. Just as with other noise protection walls from our portfolio, climbing plants can grow along the outer mesh and give the noise barrier for roads a rich green colour.

For optimum noise protection, our architects check in advance whether combination with other noise barrier-systems is advisable.

Innovation in noise protection: The RAU Photovoltaic-noise barrier for double the benefit

In order as a company always interested in matters of ecology and economic efficiency to be one step ahead, we break new ground for noise protection on roads. Doubly ecological is namely the combination of noise protection and renewable energy – and the RAU Photovoltaic-noise barrier creates this.

Together with our partners in the solar energy industry, we have been able to implement a revolutionary new idea: Why not use the surfaces of noise barriers for the generation of electricity? Thus, the first green noise barrier in the world with photovoltaic-technology came into being in Bavaria – built by RAU. Thereby, and for 10 years already, electricity and oxygen have been produced and particulate matter and CO2 bound.

Here, too, the basic framework is formed by the proven structure of the RAU climate wall that is modified for the mountings for the photovoltaic system.

Be smart – build with RAU

Nowadays, a noise barrier clearly has more tasks than just keeping out the sound. Today, noise protection must be taken into account in all construction projects– from residential houses right up to roads. Noise protection walls on motorways or highly frequented roads cut through the landscape, limit our field of vision and create barriers. Green noise protection walls are intended to combine the benefits of a noise protection wall with a natural appearance. Thus, we achieve pleasant peace and quiet in a plant-surrounded ambience – and that 100 % ecologically.

You can build nationwide on our expertise and experience with greened sound protection walls. We advise you, plan the project and ensure the efficient implementation in accordance with your expectations.

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