Concrete noise barrier – robust and durable solutions

The noise barrier or sound wall is a practical solution on busy roads or railway lines. Residents can be effectively protected from excessive exposure to noise and sound. Noise barriers do not always score with an attractive appearance. But we have a solution for that: RAU manufactures noise barriers that meet requirements for noise insulation, sustainability, and appearance.

One part of the range at RAU is the concrete noise barrier. Concrete has been used for decades in road construction, house building, and civil engineering. It is a material that is as robust as it is durable and can be designed in many different ways. The construction of noise barriers is planned a way that the noise protection is permanent and the maintenance low. Concrete is an excellent material for insulating noise sources.

Advantages of a concrete noise barrier:

Robust and long service life
Easy maintenance
Certified construction
Stable against external influences
Very high airborne sound insulation

Why a concrete noise barrier can be the right solution for you

When looking for suitable noise barriers, the material plays an important role. The noise barrier made of concrete at a fair price by RAU offers several positive characteristics. Thanks to the dense material that is processed here, excellent airborne sound insulation is guaranteed. At the same time, the concrete noise barriers require very little maintenance and provide privacy from roads or railway lines.

For easy maintenance and control, RAU offers the option of fitting the walls with doors or gates. Thanks to the tested and certified construction method, you receive high-quality concrete noise barrier walls that are very robust. Due to the strong resistance of concrete to environmental influences, a noise protection fence made of this material will last for many years.

Concrete noise protection by RAU: structure and properties

The RAU noise protection system is based on a deep foundation with foundation piles. Drilled piles or driven casings are used here. The base is cast from concrete. This is also the basis for the excellent sound insulation. The possibility of combining concrete noise barriers with other systems gives you custom design options.

The individual construction elements are usually manufactured in-house at RAU, thus guaranteeing you a flexible design for your noise protection. If you wish to install doors and gates at certain intervals, this is possible without any problems. The complete systems from RAU are certified and tested. This means that the optimum sound insulation and absorption values can also be reviewed any time. If you have any questions, our experts will be happy to help you.

The different noise protection elements by RAU

In addition to concrete noise barriers, RAU also develops other designs. Different conditions and environmental requirements may mean that concrete noise barriers are not the best solution and that other materials or construction methods better meet the requirements. For this reason, RAU’s product range includes other noise protection elements:

Climate-neutral noise protectionRobust noise protectionEffective noise protectionDurable noise protectionSafe noise protection
Green 🍃
noise barrier
Wooden 🪵
noise barrier
Glass 🧊
noise barrier
Aluminium 🛤
noise barrier
Concrete 🪨
noise barrier
✔ Cost effective✔ Stable and robust✔ Light permeability✔ Noise protection cassette made of aluminium✔ High airborne sound insulation
✔ Environmentally friendly✔ Contemporary design✔ High weather resistance and durability✔ Narrow and space-saving✔ Robust, durable and resistant
✔ Highly effective sound insulation✔ Natural and pleasant colouring ✔ Stable and break-resistant aminated safety glass or PMMA✔ Highly absorbent and reflective✔ Low maintenance requirements
✔ Creates habitats for insects and plants ✔ Sustainable raw material✔ Airborne sound insulation of the highest degree✔ Large construction heights and colour variants possible✔ Can be combined with other noise protection systems
✔ Climate-neutral production and installation✔ Harmonizes with green spaces✔ Can be combined with other noise protection systems✔ Durable✔ Modern look
✔ Durable and visually appealing✔ Long-lasting✔ Ideal in residential areas or between houses✔ Greenable✔ Certified construction method

Concrete sound insulation wall: products in our range

The RAU product range includes various designs for concrete sound walls. The example of Waghäusel from our references shows a classic concrete noise barrier. If you want a green solution, the design implemented in Emmendingen is the right choice for you. This is a combination of glass and concrete elements that can easily be greened.

Environmental noise barriers are particularly popular in residential areas and near allotments. They have several advantages. If you add plants to a concrete noise barrier, you create a new natural habitat for insects and small animals. An individual consultation can clarify which green plants are suitable for the respective area. Here you can also find out to what extent combinations with other materials can be implemented to achieve the desired greening objectives.

Discover versatile noise barriers by RAU

A concrete sound barrier by RAU offers you numerous different combination and design options. This also applies to the products made of other materials that you will find in our range. RAU stands for flexibility and customization options so that you can find the right noise protection solution for every area. Sustainability is important to us. Our noise barriers are ecological and have highly absorbent properties. By reducing fine dust, they do not pollute the environment. At the same time, we offer you excellent value for money.

If you would like to use a noise barrier by RAU, we will adapt it to your needs and the requirements of the surrounding area. We fulfil your individual demands and will be happy to advise you by telephone on    +49 (0)30 397 488 64

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