Aluminium noise barriers – innovative and effective

Noise barriers are often used on busy roads, motorways or in housing estates to protect residents from loud noises. A permanently increased noise level can have a negative effect on health, which is why noise barriers are indispensable in places where there is an increased background noise.

RAU develops noise barriers that not only contain and absorb noise – RAU develops noise barriers that are sustainable, innovative, and effective. With the green noise barriers and the photovoltaic noise barriers, a decisive step is taken in the direction of supporting the environment. Small animals and plants find a new home on the large surfaces of the sound walls. At the same time, the vegetation has a fine dust-reducing effect and can be beautifully integrated into residential areas. The large surface of the noise barriers also offer space for photovoltaic systems. These can be used to generate electricity sustainably, which in turn can be used for communities or cities.

RAU’s aluminium noise barriers can be planted with greenery if desired. Accordingly, new living space can also be created on these walls. Due to the flexible design of the aluminium noise barrier, it can be individually adapted according to your requirements.

Noise protection made of aluminium: a versatile material

If you decide on a noise barrier made of aluminium, you will receive a narrow and highly absorbent sound wall. The aluminium noise barrier is available in various colours. The noise protection elements can therefore be adapted and matched to the surroundings and the overall landscape concept. The aluminium noise barriers are available in very large construction heights, making them ideal for use along motorways and railway lines. Residents are shielded from both the loud driving noise and the sight of the motorway or railway line.

Narrow, highly absorbent, and durable
Large construction heights possible
Anti-graffiti coating possible
Can be greened
Different colours available

This is what the aluminium noise barrier looks like

The aluminium noise barrier consists of a deep foundation with foundation piles and a concrete base. The noise protection cassette, which provides the actual noise protection effect, is made of aluminium. The aluminium alloy has high strength and stability.

The noise barrier can be built to great heights and equipped with doors and gates if desired. There is also the option of using glass elements to create transparency. The individual options and design variants are very diverse. In addition, there is a choice of different colours. The aluminium noise barrier can also be planted with greenery.

There is hardly more flexibility and design scope than with aluminium sound walls. The material is durable, certified, and tested. In addition, the aluminium noise barrier is highly sound absorbent on one or both sides.

Various noise protection elements by RAU

RAU develops various noise barriers for different requirements and conditions. For example, the green noise barriers such as the RAU Rock Extensive, are specially designed to be built in height and as narrow as possible to save space or to be used where there is not much space available.

Among other things, RAU reprocesses outdated concepts and noise barriers under the RAU Redevelopment Project , renews them and converts them into sustainable noise barriers. In addition to noise barriers made of aluminium, RAU develops noise barriers made of wood , concrete , glass or greened .

Climate-neutral noise protectionRobust noise protectionEffective noise protectionDurable noise protectionSafe noise protection
Green 🍃
noise barrier
Wooden 🪵
noise barrier
Glass 🧊
noise barrier
Aluminium 🛤
noise barrier
Concrete 🪨
noise barrier
✔ Cost effective✔ Stable and robust✔ Light permeability✔ Noise protection cassette made of aluminium✔ High airborne sound insulation
✔ Environmentally friendly✔ Contemporary design✔ High weather resistance and durability✔ Narrow and space-saving✔ Robust, durable and resistant
✔ Highly effective sound insulation✔ Natural and pleasant colouring ✔ Stable and break-resistant aminated safety glass or PMMA✔ Highly absorbent and reflective✔ Low maintenance requirements
✔ Creates habitats for insects and plants ✔ Sustainable raw material✔ Airborne sound insulation of the highest degree✔ Large construction heights and colour variants possible✔ Can be combined with other noise protection systems
✔ Climate-neutral production and installation✔ Harmonizes with green spaces✔ Can be combined with other noise protection systems✔ Durable✔ Modern look
✔ Durable and visually appealing✔ Long-lasting✔ Ideal in residential areas or between houses✔ Greenable✔ Certified construction method

The aluminium noise barrier by RAU

Noise protection walls made of aluminium are convincing due to their versatility. The walls can be equipped with doors, gates, or transparent glass elements, for example, to allow visual contact in housing estates or to soften the overall appearance. In addition, the walls can be planted with greenery. Greening the aluminium noise barrier creates an additional habitat for animals and plants and improves the air quality by absorbing pollutants.

RAU is the right partner when it comes to sustainable and individual noise barriers. You can call    +49 (0)30 397 488 64 for individual advice from our competent team.

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